Sunday, August 21, 2011


Chad and I moved into a dream of a neighborhood in April. Besides the fact we are so in love with our new home...but what has made our neighborhood an amazing place has been our amazing neighbors.  First off our next door neighbors have been taking care of Chad and I since we moved in. Donna and Scott Turley have given us rugs, cabinet for our garage, mowed our grass when Henslee just arrived, and well honestly so much I cannot even type it all out. They are who we compare crazy water bills with and get advice from. I told Donna yesterday that she is like family to us and its the truth. WE LOVE THEM! 

When the baby came everyone from around us stopped by and brought us food, gifts, and more gifts. We love being on Pennystone Circle cause that is where all the cool people live :)

On Saturday, our amazing neighbor Donna came over with her camera and took pictures for 3 hours of Henslee... here are some great ones..

GG (Sallie) got her this outfit. I love it so much. It reminds me of something my best friends Hayden and Lauren Lofton would wear

DING DING DING... This is the winner wonder why?!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Childrens Hospital

Henslee was doing a few things from the beginning that made me a little nervous. When she would nurse she would stop and her little face would shake. I had not put much thought into it.. until it started to be longer and become much more frequent. I contacted the pediatricians office and had taken her in to see one of the doctors. Because I did not have it on video and she did not do it while we were at the doctors, he suggested we try to get it one video. She had also at this point had a little shaking of one of her hands and feet when she was awake and not nursing..
So to make a really long story shorter... when we finally got a video and she would not stop shaking when I would try to swaddle her.. the doctors thought that to be more "seizure like" activity and immediately sent us to Vanderbilt Childrens ER.
This was the most miserible 24 hours for Chad and I. They poked at my sweet little angel and after many hours of testing.... found that she was healthy and her "seizure like" activity was a reflux issue and an immature nervous system that she will grow out of. The Neurologists are still concerned about her hand and feet episode but she has not done it since. So if that happens again we will have to go back but until then she has a check up with Vandy Neuro next month. Thank you to eveyone who were our prayer warriors and really helped Chad and I through this terrible ordeal. We hated to have to put her through all this... but we know she is healthy and ok. It was worth all the peace of mind.

I hope she does not remember any of this but we had to get a picture so she could see it.

There was a few funny things that happend while we were there. They hooked up the EEG machine with video to see her face while an episode happend. Well my mom came into visit us and when she did that is when I unleashed about how I thought that they had too many people (teaching hospital) asking the exact same questions and complained and complained and complained. Listen I was a nervous wreck and every time she cried  I was mad and ready to jerk her out of there. So yes, Vanderbilt it AMAZING but I was a mom who was scared and complaining saying very personal things about people like: the "neurologist was wearing a beer tshirt and smelled like BO"

WELL whoops when the EEG tech came in she informed me that everything that we were saying was on the video that the neurologist were listening to. WHOOPS. SO chad went out of the camera area started going on and on about how wonderful they were and would wink at my mom and I to try to back peddle our wrong doing. :)

my apologies doctors! we do appreciate all that you did for us. I hope you understand.

Henslee one week birthday

Dad, Sallie, and my brothers came in town to visit for her first weekend home. Sallie made my favorite cake for Henslee's 1 week birthday. ITS SO GOOD. We had the best time! Joshua got to hold her for the first time. (he is a senior in highschool and was not able to make it to Nashville he had football events). We ate yummy food. Dad and Sallie made us breakfast casseroles, filets, tomatoe pie, and left our refridgerator full of goodies when they left. Henslee enjoyed all the attention. Sallie came with some of the most precious outfits... you will all see those soon. I hope we have a lot of more weekends like this! We really had such a great time! Chad and I just feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and being able to share our favorite thing with all of them: Henslee :)

Visitors to meet Henslee

We had a lot of friends and family who were nice enough to come and meet our new precious baby girl.. here are a few pictures from those visits. I wish I had taken a picture of everyone who showed up to meet her.
Uncle Gainsey

Papa (my dad)

 Aunt Stephanie and Cousin Francie... Henslee looks like Chad so hopefully she will take after these  beautiful ladies.
 Grandpa Terry- He needs a name, I guess she will give him one.
 Laurie- she came with "how to be a auburn fan video for kids.... Chad LOVES it!
Ashley and her mom came straight from a spa weekend in Gatlinburg!

I cannot believe I don't have any photos of my mom (grammie) and Sallie (GG) or my poor brother and his soon to be wife NIKKI who came in from Knoxville Saturday night just to see her and then turn back to knoxville later that night.. their car even broke down on the way to Nashville so they really made a HUGE effort to come meet her.

BIG Thanks to everyone that came and called to check on her. We really enjoyed all visitors!
Then it was just Chad and I and Henslee and we headed home

ITS A GIRL: Henslee Hannah

Henslee Hannah Hethcox

Was Born Saturday, July 30th at 7:08pm. She weighed 7 pounds and was 21 inches.  We headed to the hospital at 4 pm on Saturday and 3 hours later and only 15 minutes of pushing she was out. So fast we were in such shock! Chad was given the task of telling me the sex of the baby... but when she came out I don't think he could comprehend it, so he just stared at her until I said..."ITS a GIRL"
Once she was out we had our family come into the hospital room and made the announcement. I think everyone was shocked that she was not a boy, which made the surprise even sweeter!! My mom had told me all 9 mos that she HAD to know the sex of the baby... now that it was said and done.. she said it was the best way to find out.. SO if you get a chance to do a surprise: DO IT!!!! It was amazing!

Delivery of this precious girl would not have been the same without Kelly Cochrane. We have been roommates and best friends since Freshman year of college. She helped us from the time we walked into the OB ER til I was discharged from the hospital. She was the best nurse... her, Suzie, and Rowena!