Monday, September 5, 2011


Our first game with baby! Wow how things have changed. We sold our season tickets to Auburn this year cause we knew it would be hard to get there with an newborn. That is now an understatment. There is NO WAY we could make a 5 hr trip with her and sit through a game.... ha ha ha! So we got our shakers ready and Henslee slept in the swing for the first half. The TV and Chads voice was turned down more than usual. We did have our game day best on at least (Auburn onesie, burp cloth, and tiger blanket). If you all watched the game it got intense there at the end. Which worked out great for Henslee cause we are on this feed, wake, sleep schedule (baby wise) and I needed her to be awake and Chad was doing a good job of that! He was kissing her when plays were good. When they were bad, I was nervous he was going to throw her! In the end Auburn won, Chad was happy, and Henslee kept to her schedule.

She probably trying to poop or get gas out here :)

?? well who cares now

about looking at the maternity pictures once baby has gotten here but we got the pics and PAID for them.. so I am gonna share..