Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I just wanted to share a few funny pics of us (mainly Chad) from back when we took a few baby classes. The classes were very educational, fun, and I was happy Lindsay and Drew were doing them with us!

AS soon as chad got this thing on he went straight for the BOOBS!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Thanks to Grammie (my mom) the baby room has been fully furnished. She bought the crib for her house and then I think realized she may actually want the baby closer to her so the pack in play will go in her bedroom and the crib was sent to me... I will take it!
Mom also got us the awesome Rocker- Recliner. I cannot wait to rock the baby and take a nap!
We ( i picked out bedding mom ordered) got the bedding from ETSY. I looked everywhere for the triangle fabric and only one person on ETSY had it..... If anyone sees this fabric in a store or online, let me know I want to make other things with it like pillows.

 THis was Chad's dad's dressor that we had painted yellow and its pretty tiny and cute!
 Chads favorite thing in the nursery: the penguin humidifier :)  Below chad did a great job of adding shelving in the tiny closet in the baby room. IT made a HUGE difference.
SO we did the baby room in a very NEUTRAL: GRAY, WHITE,  and YELLOW.  Once this baby gets here though is when either the  chandeliers and frilly drapes and pink outfits that will fill the closet OR boy fabric, blue clothes, and more hot air balloons- which I am in Love with!
Just need a name and I can get to personalizing  the walls..... I say I will do all that but I only have girl fabric picked out for drapes..
I do have this precious pictures of zoo animals that was in my little brothers (Josh and Gaines) baby room, which I do plan on using as soon as I know what wall I want it on.

Monday, July 25, 2011

OUR LAST......before the baby

To chad everything we have done in the last few months has been described by him as "THIS IS THE LAST...(blank).. before the baby." So in preparation for this past weekend to be our LAST weekend before the baby, we did a lot of fun things. Which of course may not actually be our last weekend before the baby because my doctor will not induce me until 7 days after my due date, which is saturday. SO there may next week be "THE LAST WEEKEND POST" .....again.

When I told my mom all the things we had planned to do her respose was "why do people your age think having a baby is the end of the world?!"  I do not know but we do.. think of this as the end of  world as we know it. NO responsibility, easy, sleep whenever we want, pack up and ship out for a weekend trip... is OVER as we know it.  I am way too excited about this next part of our life.. but this  part of our life is about to end.

SO the weekend started out with Dinner and movie friday night. We went and saw Horrible Bosses- HILARIOUS. While we were there we ran into Walt and Kristin and they said "yall need to go to  movies all weekend" So we did and on Saturday we also went to see Harry Potter. Unfortunately, it was SOLD OUT.. but fortunately, TRANSFORMERS was not and it was AWESOME! Chad and I had NO idea that movie theaters run specials from 4 to 5 pm and its only $5 per person per movie.. Honestly if we had known that we would have gone to WAY more movies than we do.

Other than movies.. we went to Factory of Franklin. They were have a weird "Christmas in JULY" The only reason I wanted to go was because of the ice cream parlor there has the best BANANA icecream I have literally every had.

LUCKY for me my other favorite food on the planet are HOT DOGS and they had this cute hotdog shop too there... so we got one of those as well.  YUMMY best hotdog!!

SO to end the weekend we went to church on Sunday morning and a little pool time. SO if this really is OUR LAST weekend... I think we filled it with MY favorite things.

Funny little side note... I wanted to get a pic of Chad and I after church to document my big belly and us before baby... because  no one could take our picture. I asked chad while I walked the dogs to figure out the "self timer" on the camera... this is what I found from the "TESTING"

He is seriously HILARIOUS!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I am officially ready to have this baby for one main reason....WHAT ARE YOU?!!! I have now waited a long time to find out and now that I am so close (39 weeks) I can hardly bare it!  People ask me all the time what I "think" I am having and every time I say a BOY.. even though against some people's opinion I am "not carrying like a boy"

I have come to this conclusion because of 2 dreams I have had:

1. When I was not far along at all I dreamed that Jesus (yes JESUS) and I were making a baby out of clay. He turned to me and asked me what I wanted and I cannot remember my answer, however, I suppose I must have said a boy because that is what he handed me. He turned to me and handed me a baby boy.
I woke up the next morning and told Chad that we are having a baby boy!

2. I have only had one other dream about our baby this entire nine months. I dreamed that Chad was holding our baby on his shoulders and went to introduce HIM to my best friend Hayden at a wedding. 
I did not put much thought into this one until I realized that the next wedding reception that I would be attending will be in December... I hope that is NOT the next time I get to see Hayden but could be possible.

I truly do NOT care if it is a boy or a girl. I sometimes get pretty excited to think of boys things like: football (cause how can our boy not play football with a built like Chad?! I will force this child to live up to its large frame). Or girl: precious clothes and like chad said the other night: "you need a daughter to tell all these random things to because honestly I don't really care"  Also, I am so close to my mom so the thought of having a baby girl and being that close to her makes my heart feel great!

Either way I know 2 things:

This precious child will be an AUBURN fan!
And have the best daddy in the world!!  

So boy or girl I will know JESUS made this baby for ME and I am blessed to have this child with Chad.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Memory Snap Photography

At 37 week Chad and I had professional baby bump photos taken. We had the BEST time! We started out at a farm in Franklin and was kicked out so we made it to the Factory in Franklin. Here are a few "sneak peaks" of the photo shoot. We are suppose to get the others on Tuesday so I am super excited about that!
We LOVED Ildee who took these photos.. she was so fun to work with!

38 weeks

Well I have done a terrible job of taking photos week by week of the baby bump. So now that it is almost over Chad and I thought it best to take a picture before my appointment.  I am actually feeling great and the weather is not too bad. Our poor dogs on the other hand have been battling diarrhea from having mild heat strokes.. the vet said it is because they are not used to being outside at all.  So this weekend has been filled with vet visits for medication and getting things ready for baby!

                                  Here is the breakdown by week (well the ones we actually took):

week 38
                                                                          week 34
Week 27
                                                                         week 23
week 19
Week 14
week 9