Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Henslee is 5 months old!!

 Oh how you have changed from month one.....

You are the most precious child. Your dad tells me all the time you are his best friend.  I think he thinks it hurts my feelings but it just makes me happy because he loves you so much! You are the sweetest thing.  We both want to be the first person to get you in the morning because you are always smiling. You actually smile all the time but I can NEVER get it on camera. You are a huge thinker and take everything and everyone in.  You look at everyone with the same facial expressions as me, which makes me happy. but I think worries your dad.

You are at all the milestones like rolling over, eating solid foods, you have already gotten one tooth and are working on another. And you love your feet right now.

Right now you have been the MOST fun age so far. You are interacting with us and babbling. You are grabbing at everything. You are NOT sleeping through the night... please do that soon. :)

I love you to pieces!!

HO HO HO- Henslee first Christmas

We were all over the place seeing everyone we could for Christmas... it was so much fun. Chad was so excited to get to knoxville and for the festivities to begin that when it was all over he was almost depressed. Henslee got so many wonderful gifts and well we did too! Ipads for everyone...seriously everyone got an Ipad and so I took one back and bought me a cannon rebel camera. I love it so much that I have been taking pictures nonstop. I have wished for the ipad back a few times because I want to play pin ball and solitaire but Chad shares. Back to Henslee... I cannot wait til next Christmas this one was so much fun. It was so precious to see her squeeze new babies that she would get or snuggle on things that she liked. And she got some of the cutest bibs, clothes, and wait for it......CAR SEAT BLANKET COVER... it s a butterfly.. it comes with a hat that has tenticles.

 At dad (Papa) and Sallie (Gigi) She got her a precious stocking filled with LOTS of cute things!

Chad favorite gift from my dad and Sallie
It says "my prince has already come its my daddy"

 I didnt do so great of taking photos at the brunch at dad and Sallie's but here is a picture of Daniel Gooch and Henslee. We celebrate Christmas with  all the neighbors.  Dad and Sallie have lived next to the Gooches for literally FOREVER. They were next door neighbors in their last neighborhood before Joshua was ever aka FAMILY


Christmas at Moms. They wanted me to take a picture of my arms out because all the gifts around were just for HHH

Once we got home and she opened her gift from us, the Jumper, we layed everything out and let her lay in it all

We got her the jumper and so far.. she isnt that interestd in it. She still loves her exersaucer.