Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GO to work with Mommy

I have some really wonderful people I work with that have asked for Henslee to come by the office and see them. All of these people are really family to me. Deanna and Jere were my very first customers as a sales rep. They truely gave me my FIRST chance and gave me a try. They have been there through getting married and now with a baby....last 7 years. They have literally seen me grow up! So I could not wait to take her to the office and see everyone.

 Deanna, Henslee, and Jere

When I was in college I used to fit bone growth stimulators for Dr. Law....well still do just different brand now.  He and his wonderful wife Katharina along with their great staff Elaine and Lynn have been part of our family for 14 years. My dad and Dr. Law are great friends and so we just love them. I so enjoy going to their office because it is not like work. In fact Dr. Law and Katharina are the ones that let Chad and I borrow their Rolls  Royce Convertible for our wedding. They also came to the hospital to visit us and once we got home.  Katharina handmade Henslee the most gorgeous blanket (pictures of that to come). So I think you get it we ..are close and I love them all!! Here are some pics from that day

 Elaine, Chad and Henslee 

 Dr. Law
This is actually a picture of when Dr. Law and Katharina came to visit us after Henslee came home
She loved Dr. Law and fell right to sleep in his arms.

Vance Family Reunion

Right after breakfast with Santa my moms family came to Nashville to visit. It was my aunt Vicki and her husband David and children and grandchild Henley. My grandparents and then my mom, Terry, and dog Max.  My brother and his beautiful new wife Nikki also came.. we had a big crowd. I so enjoyed having everyone at our new house. Baby Henley and Henslee got to meet for the first time as well. We have not really quite figured out if they are 2nd cousins or what but regardless their names can get a little confusing for everyone. My mom bought them some red and white stripped outfits to gets some pictures together. They look like little Christmas jail birds.  My cousin Stephanie made a ton of desserts that Chad got sick on and the rest of us just enjoyed the babies.

 My grandfather has a big diamond ring.. I think Henslee just could not stop looking at it
 Is this thing real?

Paw Paw  Henley and Henslee
 Granny with Henley and Henslee
 Grandmothers with their babies!

The Family (minus my cousin Will)

HHH 3 month photos

Look at our pretty little girl. We have been so blessed by her.  Chad tells me everyday how much in love he is with her.  Chad is the BEST daddy! I have people tell me all the time they cannot believe how involved and helpful he is with her.. look at her how can he not want to kiss on those cheeks every minute of the day. 

Breakfast with Santa at Brentwood Hills

We met Lindsay and Drew at church to introduce our babies to Santa.  They had some yummy things for everyone to eat.. I also had a few things I could eat (fruit being dairy free) so we had a good time..

We (chad and I) were hoping for HHH to start screaming or pulling Santa's beard but she was not scared for a minute by him. I am sure the fact that her daddy has a beard makes it not such a weird thing.  We got a few great photos with Santa that church provided but I have not scanned those in yet... so Chad and I laugh at the one he took from SO FAR AWAY. I think too much was going on for him to think about the fact the camera is capable of zooming in :)

 Look at her cute bloomers.. it has a Christmas tree on them

This is the money shot chad took with Santa... ZOOM IN

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My little bro Joshua is a senior in highschool and we went to cookeville to watch him play in the state championship game for his division. They did incredible!! Seriously they whipped the other teams butts and it was so much fun to watch! We took the smallest cutest little cheerleader with us.. HENSLEE.. and she did GREAT! It was so nice to see so many people!
Joshua- we are so proud of you and so happy that you get to look back on this awesome memory of what you have accomplished! YAY!

 Would love to take that trophy home :)

Bible Presentation at BHCC

Henslee was presented a bible at church during the bible presentation. Chad and I had never been to one there and had NO idea that it was such a nice little deal. Thank goodness I changed her outfit because Chad seriously wanted keep her in her PJ onesies.. and I almost did  thinking who would see her?  Well the entire church congregation because they had every baby (like 26) line up and was given a bible. Not only all that we should have invited our family but again had no idea. So here are a few pics from that night. It was pretty special to see our baby girls name on a little white bible. I should probably get a picture of that :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat

Henslee's school had a little Halloween parade so I had to go out and get her a costume last minute. Chad and I had talked and talked about what we were going to dress her up as and never actually did anything. So she was a lady bug. Very cute lady bug might I add.  I got this from TJMAXX for $12 STEAL!

On Saturday we went to the Fall Festival in Franklin. We were excited to see our friends Cody, Lauren and their baby girl Everleigh.  We thought we were going to have a "free fun day" Well the festival was free but all the cute little booths were just too much for us to handle so we spent too much money on things we did not NEED. But it was really fun!

Yeap thats a spider bow

Then after the Franklin fall festival we had our neighborhood fall festival. Lindsay and Drew and Jax came over to watch the Auburn vs. Ole Miss game with us.. they are Ole Miss fans.  So before the game started we went over to check out what was going on in the neighborhood. They had a blow up bouncy for the kids and tons of games. Games like: bingo and put corn in a cup for little kids. We didnt make it all around it was cold.

So then we headed back for the game... AUBURN WON. But during we got some cute pics of Jax and Henslee. This little boy is going to be her best friend they are only 6 weeks apart. It was pretty fun to be preggers with Lindsay!

And finally to top off the weekend... busy weekend.. we went to Trunk or Treat at Brentwood Hills.

 chad always says he is the mom.. so I had to take a pictures of the "moms" feeding their babies at church while Drew and I went to get our hotdogs.
I was so impressed by all the trunk decorations. We are going to do it up next year!