Monday, October 17, 2011

Joshua CAK vs. Kingston football game

My little bro Josh is a senior at CAK in Knoxville and plays football. His number is 22 and we took HHH for the first time to his game or any football game for that matter. She really did so great. I think she would get a little startled by the roar of the crowd, but did not have any crying fits over it. I wanted her to have a cute outfit for the game so my friend Kayla came over to show me how to make a tutu....

CAK colors are blue and gold and I wanted her to wear the colors without looking like a boy..which I have done and trying to not to do from now on. So we had to make sure she had a tutu and a cute bow in her hair. We wanted to make sure her uncle Josh knew she really supported him!

I think she really did enjoy watching the game

this is uncle Gaines and his cute cheerleader girlfriend
they are freshman at CAK

The game started out pretty rough but by second half they came back with a vengeance and really beat them! We have officially lost our camera by this point and did not get enough pictures.

Here are the captains. My lil bro Josh so proud of him

Richie and Nikki's wedding

We went to Hilton Head, SC for my older brother Richie's wedding. It was a great time. Chad and I were so nervous to take Henslee on such a long trip only being 2 months old...but she did awesome! She slept and was great the entire way down there til we got to HH and then she fussed for about 30 min. This worked out pretty good cause Grammie (my mom) came to the hotel and helped us get organized by taking care of the baby. This also allowed Chad and I a little prewedding time with the bride and groom at the hotel lounge area, where there was a one man band who was pretty great singing Michael Jackson.
Bride looked GORGEOUS

We took her precious outfit off because it was a little tight on her neck ( I didnt notice) but then we put her in the precious ruffled outfit with fish and some lime green socks... HILARIOUS

The wedding was really gorgeous right by the beach and the weather was perfect.   Chad and I lost our camera so I have stolen these pictures from other people. 

I was in the wedding so Chad did an excellent job of taking care of HHH all day on Saturday while I helped mom decorate and get ready. He was a trooper and she was SO good. Did you see the picture of him feeding her a bottle in a wedding coozie?  He is too funny!