Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Half Birthday!

Our sweet little booger is 6 months old. Cannot believe it. She is growing and changing daily. She decided one day out of  the blue after we had been  shoving food in her mouth that she now loves food.. So she is eating peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and AVOCADOS are her favorite!! She hates fruit!

You are our sunshine!! Still not quite sleeping through the night but you are trying. Between all your teeth that keep coming in (you have 2 and 2 trying to come in)  and a couple ear infections you are trying to sleep and for that we are so thankful! You are giggling a lot more which brightens are day. You are trying so hard to crawl. Your favorite thing is BELLA. You scream at her to get her attention and she is just as crazy about you!

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