Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grandparents are the BEST!

A few weeks ago my mom came in town for the weekend and then the following weekend we met Grammie in Lebanon and went shopping for HHH some clothes. We got a ton of clothes!! It is always so great to see my family. They do not live too far but Henslee is growing up so fast and I want us all to love on her every minute we can. Every time my mom comes in town Henslee does something new. She started just babbling on this time around. She is going to come in this weekend so maybe she will be crawling by then. :)

Then the next day Papa and Gigi came to visit. Gigi birthday is Valentines so we dressed Henslee up in her hearts dress. Gigi and Papa brought LOTS of gifts for all of us.. I got a heart paper weight, Chad got a underarmor Auburn jacket (he loves) and Henslee got a little outfit to wear on Valentines (which you will see shortly) and some great toys that she loves.

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